About the Artist

Hey, I'm Che & I appreciate that you found your way to my online shop. Everything here is handmade and packaged and shipped by me.  Sometimes I also do limited run calendars that I print and ship myself. Most of what you see here is tufted or mixed media work.  But, you could find something in just about any medium.

My attention span can be short and I find myself drawn to many things.  However, it all comes into focus through creating.  Sometimes it is a struggle to find out who we are and to have a point of view and a voice, especially when there are so many loud people in the world. So whatever I create, it's for someone who sees themselves represented. From quirky, weird, scary, peaceful and everything in between, it all has a unique beauty that belongs in this world. Just like you.

As for MMBFG, that came from a song lyric and stands for: Mean Muggin' but Feeling Great. A lot of us have that resting b-face that we can't shake.  But it doesn't mean we don't feel great and it doesn't mean we need to change our expressions or anything else. I say, "don't fear the face, embrace."

Hope you enjoy what you see.  Feel free to reach out or find me on socials if you have questions or would like to connect.